Welcome to the eLibrary

As a customer of the Helmet libraries, you can use e-books and audiobooks, e-magazines, music services and online courses free of charge anywhere you like. You will need a Helmet library card and PIN number, a mobile device or computer as well as an internet connection.

Books and audiobooks

You can use three different e-book and audiobook services. The collections of Ellibs and OverDrive services include fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children in Finnish, English and Swedish. You can also listen to English-language audiobooks in Naxos Spoken Word Library.

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Newspapers and magazines

You can read digital newspapers and magazines in three different services.

You can read foreign newspapers and magazines anywhere using your own device and a web browser or the services' own mobile apps. PressReader offers thousands of newspapers and magazines from approximately 120 countries in over 60 languages.

Finnish magazines are also available anywhere on your own device. Finnish newspapers are available on library computers or on your own device when you are logged in to the library's wifi.

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You can use three Naxos music services, which offer classical music, world music and jazz. The selection grows all the time.

Medici.tv includes video recordings of opera, ballet, and concerts, as well as documentaries and educational material.

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Online courses

You can learn languages using the online courses offered by the library. The Promentor service includes language courses in Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish, German and Russian. You will find more Finnish courses in the Lingonet service.

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Photo: Maarit Hohteri / City of Helsinki