E-books and e-audiobooks no longer listed in Helmet search

The Helmet libraries have decided to give up listing of new materials purchased for the Ellibs and OverDrive e-book services in the Helmet search. Therefore, you can no longer search for e-books or e-audiobooks using the Helmet search.

The books and audiobooks of Ellibs and OverDrive can be found directly on the services’ own websites or apps. The purchased materials are displayed in the services immediately after their purchase. The material in the Ellibs service is in Finnish. The OverDrive service contains materials in other languages.

The New titles lists of e-books and e-audiobooks are no longer updated on the Helmet site. 

As of 28 November 2022, OverDrive e-books cannot be reserved, borrowed or returned using your personal account in the Helmet search user interface. 

This is due to preparations for the introduction of the joint Finnish e-library. 

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Photo: Maarit Hohteri / City of Helsinki